Venice Music Academy

Venice Music Academy - Istituto Venezia

We at Venice Music Academy believe in the value of sharing. This is why since 2019 we collaborate in harmony with Istituto Venezia – School of Italian Language and Culture for the realization of amateur courses and of approach to the European musical culture.


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The Meaning of Our Partnership

What unites us is an open vision of the world that, thanks to dialogue in its various forms, allows a true personal growth for a unique experience. Venice is the historical frame of our partnership,the center of a deep globalized culture.

The Courses

The musical courses are open to a wide audience. In fact, they are aimed at: 1) those who are already facing a musical study path in their country and would like to take advantage of their stay in Italy to receive a further improvement; 2) those who have never studied music but have always been thrilled by classical music. In both cases, each class will be conducted by professionals of primary importance and quality to allow the best performance in the shortest time. The lessons were held at theIstituto Venezia headquarters in the equipped room and will be held in Italian and in English language

Attendance at courses is subject to enrollment at one course of Istituto Venezia (Italian, Art, Weekly Cooking.)

N.B. All types of instrument and voice are available on request (duration 55 minutes).


  • individual course: 70 euros per lesson (minimum package 5 lessons);
  • individual course with accompaniment: 135 euros per lesson (minimum package 5 lessons);
  • tandem course (max 2 people): 55 euros per person per lesson (minimum package 5 lessons).