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Opera Guide is a two hours class in which you can discover the 18th-19th and early 20th century’s masterpieces. With the presentation of music, composer, history and curiosities you can approach to the Teatro in musica (Theater’s Music) with consciousness to appreciate the beauty of something unique.



05 - 24th - 2019

The plot takes place in the Ancient Egypt.

During an expedition against Ethiopia, the Egyptian soldiers capture Aida enslaving in Menphis the Egypt’s Capital; but they do not know that she is the Ethiopia King’s daughter. From here military events, emotions, dramatic turn of events intertwine each others with an increasing pathos in which the music acquires a leading role, accompanying the plot.

Giuseppe Verdi is one of the most famous 19th century Italian Melodramma’s composer. The success of his works was partially inflamed because of the historical and political events of the Italian Risorgimento: plots, themes and music were taken from Italian soldiers and fighters as national elements against the foreigners occupying Countries.    

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  • AIDA: opera in 4 atti;
  • FIRST CONDUCTOR: Giovanni Bottesini;
  • FIRST PERFORMANCE: Cairo’s Opera Theater, December 24th 1871;
  • LIBRETTO:  Antonio Ghislanzoni;



  • WHEN: May 24th, 2019; 02.00 pm;
  • WHERE: Aula Carpaccio, Istituto Venezia;
  • TEACHER: Cristina Parrasia.
Music by Giuseppe Verdi


05 - 17th - 2019

The original plot is taken from an ancient Chinese tale. Puccini modified many parts making it shorter: that’s why the Opera contains only three acts and was left unfinished because of Puccini’s death.

The story: Turandot is a pitiless Princess who enjoys creating hard enigmas and riddles to kill her suitors. Love, devotion, cruelty, innocence are the frame of this unfinished masterpiece. To complete the finale Franco Alfano (Puccini’s pupil) was entrusted but Arturo Toscanini, during the first representation stopped where Puccini died and did not want to continue…


  • TURANDOT: dramma lirico in tre atti in cinque quadri;
  • FIRST CONDUCTOR: Arturo Toscanini;
  • FIRST PERFORMANCE: April 25th 1926 at La Scala Theater in Milan;
  • LIBRETTO:  G. Adami and R. Simoni;



  • WHEN: May 17th, 2019; 02.00pm
  • WHERE: Aula Carpaccio, Istituto Venezia;
  • TEACHER: Cristina Parrasia.
Music by Giacomo Puccini